Roof Painting

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Roof Painting in Auckland

Regular roof painting is essential to protect your roof as well as the structure of your home. Without a well-painted roof, your commercial or residential property is more exposed to the elements and could suffer costly damage.

Roof painting is also essential to maintain the look of your home or commercial building. Even when roofs can only be partially seen, the building still looks untidy when the paint on the roof is starting to flake off and crack.

The above points are just some of the reasons you should contact us for roof painting in Auckland. We are a specialist roof painting contractor with experience of painting roofs made from a range of materials. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

Our Roof Painting Services

  • Assistance in selecting the right type and colour of paint for your roof and the aesthetics you want to achieve.
  • Preparing your roof before the painting work begins. This can include water blasting which we can include as an additional service.
  • Notifying you of any problems we identify that you should get repaired.
  • Professionally painting your roof.

Tidying up the work area and removing rubbish once the painting work is complete.

At Citywide Property Services, our quotes are free and there is no obligation. To discuss your project and to get a quote, please call us on 021 032 0060.

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To protect your roof and the structure of your building, and to keep your roof looking its best

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